Here is a list of churches that are supporting Kids Belong. Some churches are telling their congregation about the need for adoption and foster care on April 19 while other churches have allowed us to put a poster on their bulletin board.  We are grateful for all of the churches that are feeling called to help the foster and adoption children and families in our community.

Participating Churches
Fellowship Reformed Church
Lake Harbor United Methodist Church
Jericho Road Church
Fifth Reformed Church
Ravenna Baptist Church
All Shores Wesleyan
Olivet Evangelical Free Church
Berean Church
Lifechange Church
Forest Park Covenant
Kainay Community Church
Turning Point Church
Bridge Bible Church
Ferrysburg Community Church
The Gateway Church
Bluffton Church
Unity Reformed Churh
Black Creek Baptist
Life Change Church
Sturbuck Community Church

Watch for this list to grow as other churches are informed about Belong and the need for churches to be involved in this important cause.