Our 2015 Muskegon Kids Belong event will be held on April 25.
The event will take place at the Grand Valley State University MAREC Building in downtown Muskegon.
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We will be a collaboration of churches meeting the needs of foster children, foster and adoptive families, and child welfare organizations.  We will be a link between those who want or need help and those who can or know how to help.  The Church will be known as the first place to call to meet the needs of children in the foster care system.


– Kids BELONG in families!
– Our community needs more GOOD foster homes.
– Our churches SHOULD be the place where those families are found.
– If we TELL people about the need and also tell them HOW to help, they will!
– A coordinated partnership will have greater results than everyone going it alone.


– Coordinate an annual event that gives churches an opportunity to focus on foster
care as well as practical steps for people to take.
– Coordinate a sharing closet that serves foster families. This accomplishes two

  1. Serves foster families directly by providing clothing and items they need.
  2. Gives churches a concrete way to get involved and to serve.

– Coordinate support group for foster/adoptive/kinship parents.
– Challenge churches to consider the needs of foster children in their community
and how they can serve them. Help churches develop ministry teams to meet needs of foster children and families

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